Fat Burning Kitchen

fat burning kitchen is an incredibly relevant book in this day and age

when obesity worldwide has more than doubled since 1980. According to stats from the World Health Organisation, more than 1.9 billion adults were classified as overweight globally in 2014.

Around the trouth abouth abs, the world there are more people who are obese than who are underweight and this obesity is linked to a higher rate of disease and death.

The main cause of obesity?

fat burning kitchen

An energy imbalance between calories expended and calories consumed.

Around the world there has been an increase in the intake of energy dense foods and a decrease in physical exercise due to sedentary work, modes of transportation and increasing urbanization.

So the simple solution is to move more and eat less, right

Well, on the surface that is the answer. However, the truth is more complicated than that. Many people struggle because they are exercising like crazy and eating plenty of healthy food but still they can’t lose those excess pounds.

Or, they find that as soon as they start dieting their metabolism drops and their body goes into starvation mode and clings onto any calories they eat desperately.

A better answer is to exercise and eat smart. It’s less about how much you eat and more about what you eat. the fat burning kitchen is an ebook written by a health and nutrition expert that explains this concept in great detail.

About The Fat Burning Kitchen

the fat burning kitchen

This is a guide that explains what foods you should be eating and which ones you should be avoiding if you want to achieve efficient fat loss. There are many foods out there that claim to be healthy but are actually causing you to stay overweight.

So, you are considering reading the fat burning kitchen and changing your diet so that you can achieve fat loss

Here are some important things that you should know:

  • You should only read this book if you are willing to make major changes to your diet. After all, if you want different results then you have to be willing to do things differently.
  • You will need to cut out certain foods and add different ones in, but if you are willing to do this then you will see the results.
  • Of course, if you are not willing to make the changes then the program will not work for you. However, if that is the case then why are you reading it in the first place.
  • A lot of the tips that you read in this book go against conventional wisdom. So, you might read about a food that you have always been told is healthy, but that is really causing damage to your body.
  • It can be a shock to the system to learn that what you have been eating is not as good for you as you thought it was.

About the Author

This program is written by a man named Mike Geary.

A nutrition expert and personal trainer, he is known for his expertise when it comes to losing weight and building muscle.

Here are some things that you should know about Mike Geary:

  • He has written a number of books about this topic including the truth about six pack abs which is famous around the world.
  • He has written articles for world famous magazines such as oxygen and muscle and fitness.
  • He has worked for many years as a personal trainer and has a lot of experience with helping clients to lose weight and achieve their ideal bodies.

Summary of The Fat Burning Kitchen

fat burning kitchen today

What topics does this book cover

Here are some of the basics;

  • The first phase has 10 chapters that cover different types of beverages and foods. You will learn a lot about the foods you should and shouldn’t be eating, and why.
  • Some of the topics included in the book are margarines, vegetable oils, trans fats, dairy, artificial sweeteners, energy drinks, energy bars and much more.
  • You will also find detailed information about what foods you should be including in your weight loss plan, such as high quality protein, dark chocolate, herbal teas, organic berries, avocados, nuts and much more.

Benefits of The Fat Burning Kitchen

When you follow the program within the fat burning kitchen and start to use this advice in your own lifestyle, here are some of the benefits that the program promises you:

  • The program is designed to be very accessible and easy to follow, even if you are not knowledgeable about nutrition or haven’t followed a diet before.
  • You will sleep better and have more energy. You will wake up every morning refreshed and full of energy.
  • The program includes video lessons, which can be a very entertaining and helpful way to learn about your health.
  • You will not have to worry about calorie counting or keeping track of points, which can really be annoying and tedious over time.
  • The diet will have longer lasting effects and you won’t have to be stuck in the cycle of yo yo dieting again and again. You will lose weight steadily and you will keep it off.
  • This is a huge benefit if you always tend to gain back the weight and more every time you try to diet.
  • When you follow the suggestions within the system you will improve your metabolism and increase the fat burning hormones in your body  turning you into a natural fat burning machine.


The good thing to know about the fat burning kitchen book is that if you are not satisfied with it, you can ask for a full refund within the first 60 days. So, there really is little risk involved if you want to give it a try.

It fat burning kitchen just might be the solution you have been looking for so that you can make the right changes to your lifestyle and shed those of fat burning kitchen and excess pounds as quickly and permanently as possible.

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